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Our Story

Our aim has always been to find and create beauty and cosmetic products with the lowest harmful impact on our bodies at thrifty prices without having to make concessions on quality. We started to do the research, inquired about formulas from different laboratories, and sampled what we thought had the highest quality of ingredients without having to bear the high cost of marking that most brands charge their customers.

Equipped with our ideals and thorough research, we have been able to handpick a basket of products free of harmful ingredients with a touch of modernity and freshness that usually comes from Swiss luxury brands. For the same reason, we chose Sorens as the name for the brand about a serene village at the foothills of the Swiss Alps.         

Our vision

To inspire all women to grow more confident by choosing Sorens products and to be self-reliant on themselves when navigating through daily challenges.

Our Mision

To have each and every one of you close the bathroom door, light up a candle, release the aromas of your favorite products, unwind, and bond with yourself. Enjoy and indulge in your own world, rejuvenate, tune out, and pamper yourself as you deserve… make it your moment!


All of our products are plant-based (vegan), sulfate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. We conducted tons of research to ensure we created products with only the good stuff and could deliver the best possible natural products for you.


Inspired by nature and combined with science, we pledge to use best practices and organic ingredients to deliver affordable, high-quality products that will highlight you feeling beautiful with the products you deserve.

It is our long-term goal to always create close to perfect conditions with every undertaking we commit to. At Sorens, we strive to uphold a clean and ethical process within our company culture and among our products


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